4 Tips On Successfully Showing A Vacant Property

vacant property
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In 2017, more than 5.1 million existing homes were sold in the U.S. By 2019, that number is expected to rise to more than 5.67 million.

The high number of existing home sales means that in many markets, competition is fierce.

Where buyers may be wowed by the home itself when they’re shopping new builds, a vacant property is a much tougher sell. Without furniture and decor to distract them, buyers may struggle to visualize the property as a home, and may instead end up focusing too heavily on any flaws.

Luckily, there are several things you can do to make vacant premises more inviting. Keep reading to learn a few of the best tactics for making empty houses feel more like home to buyers or renters.

1. Make it Spotless

When you’re dealing with a vacant property that you need to show to potential buyers or renters, the simplest, and perhaps the most important thing that you can do is to ensure that it’s spotless.

While it may be easier to overlook a little bit of dirt when the space is filled with furniture and other items. But when its empty and potential buyers or tenants have little besides the property itself to look at, dirt on the walls, dust on the windowsills, or stains on the carpet will stand out.

Keeping up with regular maintenance is also important. Otherwise, every minor issue will stand out even more than it would in a furnished property.

2. Don’t Neglect the Lighting

If a vacant house doesn’t have lighting installed directly into the ceilings, you’ll want to make sure to properly light the space before showing it.

The last thing you want to do is show potential buyers around a vacant dwelling with a flashlight.

Add a few lamps, or if you’re looking to invest in the property, add some recessed lighting to illuminate the space for home tours.

3. Show Buyers that it Could be Home

When a home or apartment is empty, it can be tough to imagine what the space will look like once you add furniture, appliances, and decorations.

If you can, consider staging the property with furniture, rugs, and some decor. But even if you can’t fully stage the home, adding a few key pieces can go a long way towards helping buyers imagine themselves in the space.

4. Focus on the Value Rather than the Look

Whether you’re showing a vacant house or a vacant lot for rent, your best chance of winning over buyers or tenants is to put your emphasis on the value of a home or property, rather than the look.

Showing buyers why a property is a good value will help them see beyond empty rooms or minor flaws.

Showing a Vacant Property

Still struggling to sell or rent a vacant property? It may be time to get professional help.

A real estate agent can not only help you prepare a property for showings but also has the experience necessary to sell even the toughest property. They know what to say to potential renters or buyers to set their minds at ease and help them imagine an empty property as their future home.

If you need help selling or renting your vacant home, let us help you find the right real estate agent today.

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