6 Tips for Property Managers to Resolve Renters’ Complaints

renters complaints
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Unemployment is down, consumer confidence is up and to that end, home prices have skyrocketed. This unprecedented home value growth has led to there being higher instances of renting than at any other point in the last half-century.

For landlords and their management companies that’s good news!

More renters mean higher competition among tenants which creates better income consistency.

The bad news though is that with more renters comes the possibility of running into more disputes. Your ability as a property manager to deal with renter’s complaints swiftly will have a profound impact on your ability to continue to run your business.

To help you with your resolution process, below, our team has compiled a list of 6 resolution tips.

1. Always Favor Prevention

The best way to resolve housing management disputes is to avoid running into them all together. You can do this by knowing the law in your rental area and by outlining your policies in accordance with the law clearly in all of your rental agreements.

2. Keep Your Cool

When conflicts arise with renters, as a property manager, it’s your job to be the professional in the situation. Never get emotional and always work to hear out renter’s complaints.

It’s important that after listening to your renter’s side of the issue that you be transparent in where you’re coming from so you can arrive at a middle ground.

3. Resolve Conflicts Face to Face

There is a lot of room for misconstruing information when communicating via email, text, or on the phone.

For that reason, if you receive a heated message via those mediums that require further discussion, arrange a time you and a tenant can meet in person rather than fanning flames remotely.

4. Consider a Professional Mediator

If discussions with tenants have become fruitless and both sides seem to have no room to budge, consider getting a professional mediator involved prior to invoking legal help.

Mediators are non-biased parties who can weigh in on situations and help resolve conflicts.

5. Defer to Legal Professionals

Some renter’s issues are centered around legal questions. If you feel you’re in compliance with the law and discussions and mediation haven’t helped resolve the problem, it may be time to seek legal representation.

Once you have an attorney involved, allow them to take the reins and manage the issue going forward.

6. Prepare to Go to Small Claims Court

The hope is that at this stage, your attorney and your renter’s representation will be able to come to a resolution in regard to the problem in question. If they aren’t, most renter related issues will end up in small claims court.

While it’s never fun to go to court, with the help of your attorney and your meticulous account of records and events surrounding the issue in question, the process should be relatively seamless.

Wrapping Up 6 Tips to Resolve Renter’s Complaints

At the end of the day, resolving renter’s complaints should be as easy as hearing them out in a level-headed manner and doing what you can to accommodate. If the issue goes beyond cordial discussion, be prepared to seek the help of mediators or legal counsel.

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