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Top 5 Apps for Property Managers

Did you know that 34% of the houses in the US are occupied by renters? And that vacancy rates are very low — about 7%? It’s a good time to be a property manager. Although the market is ripe for those in the business, the higher amount of renters means a much higher workload. Being highly organized has always been a hallmark of great property managers – but now it’s a necessity. To help you […]

Are Smart Home Devices Worth the Investment?

Smart home devices are the future of household automation. The Internet of Things – as people have been calling it – is a massive industry that analysts predict will reach nearly 30 billion household units by 2020. The future is in home automation, but is it worth investing in these devices now? We would argue that you should. Saving Time One of the main reasons people invest in smart home technology is because it makes […]