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The Top 5 Benefits of Property Management Services

If you own a rental property, chances are it’s been a headache at some point. No one wants to spend precious time chasing down delinquent rent payments or dealing with repairs after a tenant has left a unit in poor condition. Uncomfortable confrontations and lengthy legal issues can seem unavoidable when you’re a landlord. It doesn’t have to be that way. When you hire a property management service to handle your rental units, you’re saving […]

When Is The Right Time To Hire Professional Property Management?

Are you trying to decide whether now is the right time to hire a property manager? According to Business Wire, 50 percent of investors handle all property management themselves. But 22 percent use third parties for some part of property management. Another 28 percent hire professional to do all the work. The average cost of a property manager can be 10% of the monthly rent you charge. This makes hiring a property management company an […]

Which Property Upgrades Yield the Most Value?

Upgrading a property can be an expensive experience if you’re not careful. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the most for your money by investing in upgrades that will yield actual results. Looking to sell a house or just improve a property’s value? Read on to find out which property upgrades will yield you and your family the most value. Cook Up Some Property Upgrades Everyone loves a gorgeous, spacious kitchen. One of […]

5 Tips to Get Started in Rental Property Management

Property management has no advanced education requirements and an expected 11% growth rate over the next decade. That makes it an appealing career option for many. You get the benefits of a mostly white-collar job, like working in an office most of the time. Your non-office work typically consists of showing properties. Plus, you get to take a pass on the anchor of student loan debt. The part that most people struggle with is getting […]

How to Prevent Property Damage from Weather

Mother nature is a beautiful beacon of life and all its splendor… for the most part. Sometimes, though, she can be quite the destructive force to the domestic world. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, windstorms, earthquakes, or blizzards, chances are you’re aware of how costly a storm can be to your house. In 2016, citizens of the United States collectively experienced over 1 billion dollars in property damage caused by storms. […]