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How to Set Rental Price: Your Quick Guide

Real estate is one of the most efficient ways to cultivate financial freedom. More specifically, owning rental properties can quickly build a significant amount of passive income. But, not everybody knows how much they should charge the tenants for their monthly rent. Let’s explore everything you need to know about how to set rental price for your properties. Take a Look at Similar Properties in the Area One of the most efficient ways to get […]

How To Be a Good Landlord: The 5 Top Qualities That You Need

Do you need tips on how to be a good landlord? There are qualities that you need to establish a great landlord-tenant relationship. Being a good landlord enables you to develop a positive reputation in your community. You’ll also face fewer legal issues and will have an easier time managing stressful situations.   Here’s how to be a good landlord and to keep your tenants happy. 1. Organizational Skills Are you in the habit of keeping […]

Finding the Right Security Team to Keep an Eye on Your Property

Renting your property can be an excellent way to bring in extra cash. Investing in property management is a great idea, but it’s not without its problems. It can be hard to keep your properties safe when you aren’t always around. That’s why you need a good security team to look after your assets for you. We’ll help you decide the right team for your needs. Why Do You Need a Security Team? It can be […]

How to Find Tenants: What to Look For in an Application

Did you know that there are over 114 million people currently renting in the US? Having no tenants in your property can be a real issue due to loss of income. But, having bad tenants is far worse so it’s important to find the right people. When you have great tenants who pay rent on time, keep the place tidy, and generally don’t cause a fuss, it makes life easy. That’s why you need to […]

3 Important Facts Landlords Need To Know About the Eviction Moratorium

We all know this: COVID-19 has not been easy on anyone. From people fearing for their well-being to millions losing their jobs every single week, our country continues to reel from the impact of the virus. Many people cannot pay their rent or bills and fear losing their housing. As a landlord, this tears you in two.  On one hand, you don’t want to have to evict families who don’t have anywhere else to go. […]