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Your Complete Guide on How to Handle the Death of a Tenant

An unexpected death is always tragic and hard to work through. While the emotions surrounding this kind of loss can be difficult, there’s also a wealth of logistical issues that one might have to work through as well. Dying, as they say, can be complicated. This is certainly the case when a tenant passes away. This is a somber topic and one that every landlord hopes they don’t have to deal with. But it does […]

5 Must-Have Property Management Tips for Beginners

Current statistics reveal that rental units comprise about 30% of the housing market. But with the rise of short-term rentals like Airbnb, lots of people are joining the ranks of property managers.  If you’re new to property management, there are a few things you must know! Keep reading for 5 must-have property management tips for beginners.  1. Do Your Due Diligence Most of the problems you’ll run into when it comes to property management are […]

3 Tips for Developing a Rental Property Investment Strategy in 2020

About 36% of millennials and 30% of baby boomers prefer to invest in real estate over stocks. They would instead invest their extra cash in long term rental property than put it into the stock market.  You, too, can successfully invest in real estate. The key to success is having a well thought out rental property investment strategy.  Try one of these three tips for creating your investment strategy for 2020.  1. Create a Five Year […]

5 Important Facts to Know Before Becoming a Rental Property Manager

You may be wondering if a career as a rental property manager is the one for you. It has a lot of ups and downs, but it can be an extremely lucrative venture for many people. Before deciding on whether or not it is the right path for you, there are things that you need to know. Having as much knowledge as possible about the actual job will help you make the right decision. Read […]

Is Owning Rental Property the Right Choice for Me?

Owning rental property is rewarding and builds your wealth. In 2016, 65% of Americans under 35 years of age were renting an apartment or home. That number is expected to grow over the coming years. But it’s not for the faint of heart. Before you start purchasing random properties to flip and rent, there are a few things to know about this industry. Owning rental property requires a little elbow grease, commitment, and knowledge. Here’s […]