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A Landlord’s Guide to the Eviction Process

Evicting tenants isn’t easy, especially if you’ve never had to go through it. On top of being a costly process, it can be a stressful one. Unfortunately, most landlords will find themselves in this situation at least once. If your tenants refuse to play ball, eviction may be your only option. Thorough background checks can alleviate this issue, but some bad tenants can still slip through the cracks. The good news: you can break the eviction […]

Tips for First-Time Landlords

In the US, there are around 11 million individual investor landlords. If you have the money, investing in property to rent out can be a great way to make some passive income. But it’s definitely not as easy as just owning a house, renting it out, and collecting rent. Many newcomers are surprised that being a landlord entails many more tasks, which can leave you feeling overwhelmed pretty quickly. If you’re a first-time landlord, you’ll […]

5 Qualities to Look for When Buying a Rental Property

Did you know that there are almost 50 million rental units in the United States alone? Investing in a rental property is one of the best decisions you can make in the current economic climate. You may be wondering about rental property investments and how to buy a rental property. Here are some tips for buying a rental property that will bring you a great stream of income in no time. Check Crime Rates You […]

5 Simple Yet Effective Upgrades That Improve Property Value

When looking at the year 2020 in comparison to 2021, there has been an increasing interest in new homeowners wanting to improve their property value. The pandemic has continued to affect many homeowners and because of this many Americans want to revamp their homes. Homeowners are truly beginning to get more creative with what they currently have. If you’re looking to do the same then it’s crucial as a homeowner to know which type of upgrades […]

Increasing Your Occupancy Rate: How to Market Your Property

Running rental property is a great opportunity to make income and grow your business, but it’s never been so complicated when it comes to working with tenants and finding new ones. Raising your occupancy rate can help you pay off property, build your profits, and help increase the value of your current rental spaces. These tips can help you get more applications leading to more tenants and more occupancy in your properties. Fair Price It’s […]