Do I Need To Hire A Charlotte Property Management Company?

Charlotte property management

There are many reasons that property owners chose the services of a Charlotte property management service. If you’re still interviewing tenants, collecting rent, and answering those 2 am emergency repair calls yourself, it’s time to discover who landlords just like you trust a Charlotte NC property management company.

What Is a Property Manager?

A property manager does just that, manages your income property so you don’t have to. A good property management company can help you keep your residential or commercial spaces full and help you maximize profit from your income properties.

Think of a property manager as a leasing agent, repairman, financial planner and legal expert on landlord-tenant relations, all rolled into one.

What Do Property Managers Do?

A good property management Charlotte company helps find good tenants to rent space in your commercial building, lease an apartment, or sign up to rent a single-family home. The property manager will run background checks an credit report on tenants to ensure that you’ll have lessees that pay on time and respect your property. They’ll also conduct open houses and arrange for prospective tenants to view the property. A property manager can even handle advertising vacant space for you!

Once the Charlotte property management company has secured tenants for your rental property, they’ll also make sure that the lease is legal and covers every aspect of landlord-tenant relations. The property manager will collect rents and ensure that they’re paid on time and can even assess fines for delinquent payments. Should a tenant be consistently behind on paying rent, or if they’re otherwise in violation of the lease, the property manager can even work with local law enforcement to handle evictions.

Repairs and maintenance are typically the responsibility of the landlord, and if you’re not especially handy, these can be frustrating, take up your entire weekend, and can even cause you to miss sleep – if a pipe bursts at 2 am, you’re the one who will get the phone call. With a property management company, tenants can request maintenance or call an after-hours emergency line.

Finally, a property manager will conduct inspections of your commercial or residential space on a regular basis, ensuring that the tenants are keeping it in good repair and protecting your investment.

Will I Still Make Money With a Property Manager?

Most landlords agree that hiring a professional property manager has saved them money – even though a property manager charges a small fee, having a professional keep your rental space full, instead of you taking months to fill it with a well-paying tenants, maximizes your profit. After all, you don’t make money on an empty space.

Furthermore, local property managers are experts in the Charlotte real estate market. They can find other good investments for you, helping you develop a full portfolio of investment properties for passive income.