Here’s Your Annual Property Maintenance Checklist

property maintenance

The year is finally over and you need to prepare your property for the new year. Property maintenance can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start.

It is more convenient to hire a property management company. They offer services such as tenant screening, filling units, and enforcing leases. They also sort out legal issues, handle tenant concerns, and maintain the property.

Unfortunately, you can miss some key areas if you are maintaining the property on your own. This can expose you, your family, or your tenants to potential safety risks.

Keep reading to get a checklist for your property maintenance.

Checklist for Property Maintenance

There are many hidden dangers in and around our homes or properties. Some may be natural, man-made, or due to wear and tear. Detailed property maintenance keeps the area clean and removes potential health hazards.

Here is the list of things you need to do:

Clean the Yard and Surrounding Areas

The first thing is to clear the yard of any debris or fallen objects. You might find remnants of construction work lying around. Pick these items and rake any dirt, leaves, and grass from the area.

Prune any tree in the area and cut overgrown or leaning branches. Such branches may fall and injure someone. Other tips for caring for the tree include watering, fertilizing, and mulching.

Inspect the Roof Area and Fix Any Issues

One of the most neglected areas in different homes is the roof. Some people wait until there’s a problem before checking the roof area.

Inspect the area to ensure there won’t be leaks soon. Unblock the rainwater gutters. If there is a water heater on the roof, inspect it for damage. Clear debris from solar heaters to keep them effective.

Check the Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon Monoxide has detrimental effects on health. It causes headaches, dizziness, vomiting, and chest pain. At high concentrations, it will kill you.

A malfunctioning carbon monoxide detector exposes your family to these risks. Thus, inspect the devices periodically to be sure they are working. Replace the damaged or non-functioning ones as soon as possible.

Look for Faults or Cracks in the Home

Faults or cracks in the home can give access to a dangerous gas: Radon. This gas is colorless and odorless. Yet, it is the second leading cause of lung cancer.

As such, look for faults or cracks in the home. Check the basement as well. Find any wet spots on the floor. This is a sign of water seeping from the ground. Radon forms in the ground and seeps up into the home through such spaces.

Fix the Light Fixtures

Go around the home and find any light fixtures with problems. They could be flickering, dimmer than other areas, or not working. Get a technician to check the wiring. If it’s not a big issue, you can fix the problem yourself.

Having working lights will prevent injuries. If someone suffers an injury because of poor lighting, it can open you up to a lawsuit.

Be Wary of Lead and Asbestos

Last, ensure there are no signs of lead or asbestos in the area. If painted walls have lead falling on the ground, make sure to clean the area. Lead poisoning can affect mental development.

On the other hand, asbestos causes lung disease and cancer. Inspect the area for asbestos. Get professionals to remove it if the insulation is peeling.

Learn More About Property Management

If you follow the checklist above, you’ll solve all your property maintenance issues. Not everything should be a do-it-yourself project. If there is a major issue, such as fumigation, hire an expert.

Contact us to learn more about property management.