Looking for a Property Manager? 7 Property Manager Interview Questions

property manager interview questions

Owning and renting out a property is more than a handful. This is especially true when you begin to manage multiple properties. It’s often easier to just give the responsibilities to a property manager and let them handle it.

It’s a great idea, but you’re giving that person a lot of responsibility. You’ll have to interview heavily and make the decision carefully. We’ve compiled a list of property manager interview questions to ask when the interview comes around.

Of course, you’ll need to suit your questions to your own needs, but these ones should serve as a good template for you to start with.

Property Manager Interview Questions

Hopefully, these questions will give you a good place to start. We’re going to cover the essentials, but remember that you should tailor your interview to your needs.

1. “Are You a Licensed Property Manager?”

This is a biggie. Well, it’s important if your state requires landlords to be licensed. If not, though, it is still better to go with those applicants who have the certification.

This simply shows that the person is dedicated to their work and has put an investment into their profession. They’re not just going to show up and have no idea what they’re doing.

2. “Have You Managed Properties Before?”

You’ll want someone that has managed properties similar to your own. For example, you wouldn’t want a motel manager to oversee your multimillion dollar resort. In the same way, someone who hasn’t managed many properties at once might not be able to balance the requirements of managing your property.

3. “How Do You Engage With Tenants?”

This is also an essential aspect of your interview. You don’t want to hire someone who will take the responsibility and use it to take out anger on tenants. This is, unfortunately, a reality in many places.

You want someone who will care about the well-being of your tenants. If they have questions, your property manager should be happy to answer them. You want to hire someone that will make your tenants feel comfortable and reasonable.

4. “What Kind of Fee Structure Are You Used to?”

Landlords are paid in salary, by the hour, or at a percentage of the properties being managed. Make sure to make this clear when you start working with your property manager.

They might be used to a method that is more reasonable than your own, or vice versa. Keep an open mind and see what works.

5. “How is Your Written Communication?”

Much modern communication is done via email and text. Written letters are also used by landlords. Make sure that your property manager knows how to write in the proper tone.

The same message can be written in many different tones, totally changing the way it’s perceived. You tenants will respect your property more if communication is going well.

6. “How Do You Screen Tenants?”

Make sure that applicants understand the state’s laws and regulations regarding background checks and screenings. Try to find someone who has a clean-cut approach to screening tenants.

In other words, everything must go by the books.

7. Do You Like This Person?

This is more of a question for you. You’ll be dealing with this person every day for a number of years. It’s essential that the personal connection is there.

At the very least, ask yourself if this person is someone you’d trust to handle your properties. If not, move on to the next applicant.

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Whether you’re looking to do more research for your property manager interview questions or you’re trying to become a manager yourself, there’s no harm in doing a little research.

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