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property management law

Being a landlord seems like a pretty straightforward job. While there are a lot of perks to being a property manager, there are some things that you need to know if you don’t want to lose your position.

It’s essential that you understand property management law and all that goes with it. Make legal mistakes and you could be out of a job. We’ve compiled a list of some of the basic things that all property managers need to know about property management law.

Follow the crash course below to get yourself prepared to be a great landlord.

Understanding Property Management Law

Each state has a different set of rules and obligations for property managers to follow. Research your state’s laws before you do anything else.

Find out if you need to have a license. Most states require that property managers have a license. Obtaining a property management license requires that you pass a course and examination.

The course will also involve a background check. States will vary on how they approach different criminal records, but felonies that could reflect a poor future relationship to tenants might disqualify you from passing. Beyond the class, most states require that you continue to take courses as they come up.

This is a measure that ensures your understanding of modern property management laws. Finally, becoming a licensed property manager implies that you owe a duty to your communities and tenants. You are under a sort of oath not to act dishonestly or do anything that will put your tenants at a disadvantage.

Association and Condo Laws

On top of the state laws, your homeowners’ associations and condominiums will have laws of their own. These organizations, should you join them, will require fees and financial statements.

The benefits of the associations typically outweigh the restrictions that they put on property managers.

The Importance of Property Management Law

You may think that the laws around property management aren’t applicable in all cases. Many landlords in college and low-income areas treat their properties like their own domains. While you may not get caught every time, the moral and legal consequences of disregarding the law are significant.

Take eviction notices, for example. Your tenant has not paid in three months and you need them to move out. While it may seem alright to send an eviction notice with an immediate move out time, this might actually put you in legal trouble.

It’s always recommended that you take a look at your state’s laws before making any contact of this kind. Any measure that changes your tenant’s comfortability and expectations about the home should be taken carefully. The laws are in place to keep tenants happy and safe, rights intact, in their own homes.

Want to Learn More?

Are you interested in becoming a property manager? Have questions about property management law? In either case, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re looking to get more information on property management or anything that goes with it, contact us for more information.

real estate pictures

What’s the best and easiest way to make a great impression on home buyers?

The best quality photos will entice a potential buyer, urging them to take a tour of a home or apartment complex. The home buying process is going digital, making home photos the main source of decision-making.

Ideally, you hire a professional photographer. But is this out of your budget? It’s time to grab your camera and snap some great shots. But it’s difficult for an amateur knowing what makes a great home photo.

If you need to take real estate pictures, use these 5 tips to drive lookers into buyers.

1. Invest in a Great Camera

Sorry, but your iPhone won’t work. You have to set aside a few hundred bucks and buy a nice DSLR. But don’t worry, the equipment doesn’t have to be too fancy.

In good lighting, an entry-level DSLR produces amazing pictures with minimal editing required. Their results are comparable to the professional cameras the major photographers use.

2. Stage the House

The same way you stage an open house, you need to stage a house for pictures.

You don’t want dust or insects coming up in the pictures. Give the house a thorough cleaning and remove any straggling furniture pieces or objects.

Ideally, you want the house to be fully cleared out. Home buyers want to see space and any areas where they can customize. But if the house is furnished, make sure it’s still open-spaced.

Remove blankets, knick-knacks, and other distracting items.

3. Use Natural Lighting

Sunlight is key when achieving great photos. Natural lighting brings up the best qualities in an image without making an image look too fake or edited. But how do you achieve natural lighting when you’re shooting inside a house?

Open up the blinds or open the windows and doors. Find an area where the light hits an angle but not too much — you need contrast for a picture to look amazing.

Make sure your lens is wide open so more light comes in. Take your camera off of zoom so you can capture the full range of a room.

4. Angles Matter

In an image, you should always make sure the lighting is perfect and you capture the full scope of a room. But the exact angle is also important. From the doorway to each corner, the angle should capture the best aspects of a room.

It’s impossible to describe the perfect angle. Your best bet is taking multiple shots, standing in different areas. Find the picture that captures an image fully but doesn’t make the room look too small.

5. The Photos Should Be as Realistic as Possible

You want to promote a picture-perfect house, but it’s best to be realistic.

You don’t want to make a small bathroom look large or make it look like the master bedroom has a walk-in closet when it doesn’t. Capture the best aspects of a room while not trying to add a fake flair or manipulate the image.

The Best Real Estate Pictures Will Draw In a Buyer

Today, more homebuyers are trusting the images posted on real estate ads. If you can’t hire a photographer, you need to take your own real estate pictures.

Learn the right photography tricks without making your pictures too flashy.

Choose the photos that best represent the house.

Do you need a real estate agent? View our services.

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