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Using the internet as a way to get our various needs has been growing very common nowadays. When it comes to real estate property sector, this is also not new. Through the website of efindagent.com you will be able to find the agent that will be most suitable based on your needs.

rental agents
Going into property management without hiring a rental agent is a mistake. There are far too many responsibilities for one person to manage. Rental agents take some of the hard and technical work off your shoulders. Most property managers purchase property to invest in their future. With such an important end goal, you must do everything you can to protect that asset. Learn about the roles of rental agents. Find out how they can help
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tenant screening
Have you ever had nightmare tenants? This can not only cause tremendous stress but also impact your rental property income and interfere with your life. This is why having a robust tenant screening process is vital and will help you to secure the best tenants for peace of mind and a steady income. Keep reading for a tenant screening checklist that every property manager should use. ID Verification & Criminal Background Check First, you need
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rent increases
With the rising cost of living, building materials, wages, and more, rent increases are a normal part of owning or managing a rental property. But how do you increase rent for your tenants? Is there a right and wrong way to go about it? Keep reading to learn the basics of how and when to raise your rental property rates! Know the Rules for Rent Increases Legally, there are rules about when and how you
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property manager vs landlord
What does it take to be a good property manager? What about to be a good landlord? Well, it won’t surprise you to learn that the skills for either one are similar. However, their work environment and responsibilities differ. So if you are thinking about getting into property management of any kind you should know the key differences between a property manager vs landlord. Read below to learn more about each one and whether you would be
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pet friendly rentals

July 27, 2021

Should You Allow Pets In Rentals?

Michael Hurley Comments are off
As a landlord, owning a rental property comes with a series of responsibilities. Finding reputable tenants that will care for your property can be a process. One of the biggest factors that could make your property a hot commodity on the rental market is allowing pets. If you haven’t considered pet friendly rentals before, continue reading for more information.  Pet Friendly Rentals Deciding if you should deem your rental property pet-friendly is a big decision.