Which Property Upgrades Yield the Most Value?

property upgrades

Upgrading a property can be an expensive experience if you’re not careful.

Therefore, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the most for your money by investing in upgrades that will yield actual results.

Looking to sell a house or just improve a property’s value? Read on to find out which property upgrades will yield you and your family the most value.

Cook Up Some Property Upgrades

Everyone loves a gorgeous, spacious kitchen. One of the best ways to increase property value is by investing in property upgrades for the kitchen.

When it comes to purchasing a home, many say that the kitchen is the most important consideration. The right kitchen can do wonders to set a home’s atmosphere, so make sure to spare no expense.

And while that may sound daunting, you can expect to recoup most of the cost back. Kitchens have a notoriously high ROI rate, so expect a pretty decent profit.

Consider investing in smart or green appliances, as well as finished wooden shelves.

Curb Appeal

While kitchens and bathrooms tend to yield the highest returns, curb appeal is a quick and fairly cost-effective way to boost value.

But what exactly goes into creating the all-important curb appeal?

Landscaping, for one. Properties need to be well-maintained if they’re going to attract buyers. Professional landscaping can do wonders to improve the aesthetics of a property, particularly during the summer and fall seasons.

However, that entails more than just a well-maintained lawn. Add a beautiful walkway to the front door or re-do the parking lot if you’re managing an apartment complex.

Finally, consider adding some lighting along the walkway. This is one of the biggest trends among curb appeal enthusiasts and for good reason. It makes an average home look stunning when it’s lit up.

When it comes to curb appeal and property upgrades, have fun and get creative! Think big, it may pay off.

Finishing Touches

Ever wish you could get more space out of a home? Try the basement. Finishing a basement is among the most worthwhile upgrades a property manager can invest in, as it doubles as storage and an extra room.

We’re currently living in the era of “Man Caves” and “She-Sheds- areas that people rely on to get rest and relaxation. A finished basement is the perfect selling point for buyers looking for a little space of their own.

Install carpeting, include heating and AC, and implement brand new lighting fixtures. You can expect a 69% ROI for your efforts.

Just be sure to check for any leaks before calling it a day. Moisture is a huge concern, so keep buyers happy and healthy by fixing any leaky pipes or mold.

Closing Thoughts

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